C Practice Questions

Find the value of a ,b and c after executing the following conditional expression. Initially a=10, b=20 ,c=30(a>7)?b=b+5:c=c-5;
a. a=10 b=25 c=30
b. a=10 b=20 c=25
c. a=10 b=25 c= 25
d. a= 7 b=25 c= 25

From the following list Identify a 'C' keyword . i) for ii) whil iii) auto iv) shortest v) long
a. i), ii) and v)
b. i) and v)
c. i) ,iii) and v)
d. i), ii), iv) and v)

Let P=50 after executing the following instruction what will be the value of P and Q. Q= p++;
a. P=51 Q=50
b. P=51 Q=51
c. P=50 Q=50
d. P=50 Q=51

The 'C' language is developed by________________
a. Ken martin
b. Thomson
c. Charles babegge
d. Dennis Ritchie

There are ____________ number of keywords in 'C' language.
a. 30
b. 32
c. 31
d. 35

Match the following:
Diamond               decision making
Flowchart              Pictorial representation
small circle           connector
Algorithm             procedural steps

The algorithm should be effective that means it must have ____________________
a. basic steps
b. basic primitive
c. complex primitive
d. complex steps

The pictorial representation of algorithm is called _________________
a. processchart
b. Flowchart
c. Dataflow
d. process flow

The rectangle symbol in the flowchart represents _________________
a. Processing
b. Decision making
c. start or end of flowchart
d. None of these

____________ is any well-defined computational procedure that takes a value or a set of values as input and produces an output.
a. Program
b. process
c. Algorithm
d. Flowchart