Assignment Set-2 (S3)

BT0074 – OOPS with Java

  1. What is bytecode? Explain.
  2. How do you compile a Java program?
  3. What do you mean by operator precedence?
  4. What is an array? Explain with examples.
  5. How will you implement inheritance in Java?
  6. Explain different kinds of Exceptions in Java.
  7. What are the uses of stream class?
  8. What is AWT? Explain.
  9. What are the different components of an event?
  10. Draw and explain the JDBC Application Architecture.

BT0075 – RDBMS with MySQL

  1. Write the syntax used to connect to MySQL server.
  2. Write about float and double data types.
  3. Write and explain the ALTER DATABASE Syntax.
  4. Discuss the syntax of Insert statement with a suitable example.

5.      Give the syntaxes of the following SQL statements:

a. Union

b. Delete

c. Update

  1. Define a correlated subquery with an example.
  2. Define the following terms:

          a. Parentheses

          b. Comparison Operators

          c. Logical Operators

  1. Explain few Encryption functions.
  2. Discuss some of the transactional statements that do cause an implicit commit.
  3. Explain DECLARE statement.

BT0076 – TCP/IP

  1. What do you mean by RFC? Explain its significance.
  2. Clearly differentiate between PVC and SVC.
  3. Discuss various OPTIONS used by IP.
  4. Differentiate between well known and ephemeral ports.
  5. Explain the DNS message format.
  6. Explain the principle of operation of  REXEC protocol.
  7. Explain various operations performed by the user with FTP.
  8. Discuss the format of SMTP mail header.
  9. With aid of a neat block diagram explain the structure of a web browser.
  10. Differentiate between getNextRequest and getBulkRequest taking an appropriate example.

BT0077 – Multimedia Systems

  1. Briefly explain elements of multimedia.
  2. How do you define the drawing?
  3. What is colour?
  4. What is font?
  5. Briefly explain laws of design.

BT0078 – Website Design

1. Explain the architecture of the web page contents.

2. What are the requirements for internet connections?
3. Explain <frameset> tag and its attributes.
4. With an example explain the need for CDATA section in XML.
5. Explain the Union and List data types in XML.