Assignment Set-1 (S3)

BT0074 – OOPS with Java

1.      Give the features of Java.

2.      How do you execute a Java program?

3.      What are the different types of operators used in Java?

4.      What are the various character extraction functions available in Java?

5.      What are the various types of relationships?

6.      Differentiate between errors and exceptions.

7.      Give the syntax for FileInputStream and FileOutputStream classes.

8.      What is an applet? Explain with an example.

9.      Give the uses of adapter class.

10.  What is JDBC? Explain.

BT0075 – RDBMS with MySQL

1.      Mention 4 features of MySQL.

2.      Write the differences between char and varchar data types in MySQL.

3.      Write about the operations supported by indexes in MySQL.

4.      Write the SQL statements to demonstrate the following using SELECT command:

a.  Expression Evaluation

b.  Using table aliases

c.  ORDER BY             

5.      Define the following types of Joins:

a. Inner Join

b. Left Outer Join

c. Right Outer Join

6.      Give the advantages of subqueries.

7.      Discuss any five string functions.

8.      Describe the operators that support the boolean full-text searches.

9.      Describe the Savepoint and Rollback to Savepoint Syntaxes.

10.  Give the syntax of BEGIN…END compound statement.

BT0076 – TCP/IP

1.      Briefly discuss the functions of transport layer.

2.      Explain the purpose of NCP in PPP.

3.      What is fragmentation? Explain its significance.

4.      What is a socket? Give an example.

5.      Differentiate between FQDN and PQDN.

6.      What do you mean by “OPTION NEGOTIATION”? Explain with an example.

7.      Discuss FTP proxy transfer through firewall.

8.      Explain various steps involved in SMTP mail transaction flow.

9.      Discuss various HTTP protocol parameters.

10.  With example, explain how OIDs are assigned to managed objects?

BT0077 – Multimedia Systems

1.      What is Multimedia?

2.      Briefly explain elements of drawings.

3.      What are the characteristics of colour?

4.      Briefly explain ancient writing system.

5.      What is inverted symmetry?

BT0078 – Website Design

1.      Briefly explain the Internet from practical and technical angle.

2.      Briefly explain the various tools used for validating HTML document.

3.      Briefly explain how the style sheets can be used to support multiple browsers.

4.      List out the various XML tools.

5.      Briefly explain the sending and receiving of SOAP messages.